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Pest Detectives is committed to provide safe, reliable and professional termite & pest control services. Our friendly and highly experienced pest control technicians take exceptional care and consideration of your property during the inspection, treatment and fumigation processes.

We use only the best products and proven treatment methods to eradicate, exterminate, remove and control termites & pests.  

Termite Control is the best problem solvers when it comes to termite and pest eradication, extermination, removal & control and wood repairs.


Termite fumigation prices will be based off a price per cubic foot of the home plus any additional areas such as a deck, garage, and some additional areas. ​Termite tenting is one of the more expensive types of treatments but at the same time it is one of the most effective and complete drywood termite treatments available. 


Drywood termites are tireless wood eaters that carve their paths of destruction from the inside of your home out. They hide and reproduce inside your walls, roof beams, studs and the foundation of your home, and even around door and window frames and inside your cupboards and wood furniture.

The first thing termites do when they invade your home is: EAT. As they do so, their populations explode into the thousands.


Fumigation experts combine the latest equipment and technologies with the most advanced strategies for residential and commercial termite control. Tent fumigations are the only proven way to eliminate drywood termite colonies. The fumigant spreads into every crack and crevice of a structure, penetrating into the pores of the wood to reach the air termites breathe. 


Subterranean termites usually tunnel underground and enter their food sources from below. They often travel great distances underground from tree root to tree root and, because there usually are small air gaps under tree roots, the termites don’t even have to dig very hard to travel. Therefore, timber waste that’s buried around buildings usually results in better termite food inside. Although termites sometimes fly in and begin fresh colonies, they usually prefer to arrive by “tunneling in.” Because termites are most likely to try to get through the soil, there are some simple things you can do to help keep them away: 



Prior to lending money on a property, a financial institution usually requires a wood destroying organism report (WDO) to ensure that the building is structurally sound. This requirement protects its investment and provides the home buyer with an inexpensive safeguard against the cost of structural pest control repair and treatment. 

A buyer is advised to arrange for a structural pest control inspection regardless of the condition of the home at the time of sale. The cost of an inspection is minimal compared to the cost of repairing undetected pest damage that could cost thousands of dollars. 

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